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Effective November, 2017: Intermediate/Advanced Level Scene Study

Class on Tuesdays,  7:00 pm - 9:00pm in NorthEast, Minneapolis

at the Historic Grainbelt building!

The fee is $150 for 4 sessions. Sessions are held every month.


NOTE:  Students must have some prior training and/or experience.

This is not the class for Beginners.

Please eMail me for more detailed information.

**Your fee secures your spot!**



business. Thank you to all of the students who have trusted me to help

them achieve their goals. Specifically, to those who stayed for more than a

few classes--but really dove in head (and heart) first into this difficult,

demanding, and revealing work--I am sure you left more self-aware,

prepared with the tools to succeed and with more confidence.

I am honored to have been your teacher. I will continue to serve as a

Casting Director, Director and Producer.

I will also be teaching in Minneapolis, after a hiatus. Those classes will

resume in November, 2017.

Photo of Cynthia Uhrich's students working on their dialogue
Photo of two young students of Cynthia Uhrich working on a scene together
MCTC Student film auditions
Sheena Leigh and Paul Cram on the set of the short film "M4W"
photo of two students working on commercial copy
Four students from ITM join Paul Cram in this still from the short film "M4W"
Two actors perform a scene in class


A young student working on a comedic monologue

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