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IN THE MOMENT FILM'S mission is to provide filmmaking opportunities behind the camera as well as in front of the camera for women, and to make films on socially significant topics.

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Four women discover they are all romantically entangled with the same man. While they await his arrival, it becomes increasingly apparent there will be consequences for his betrayal. (Thriller)

BEHIND THE SCENES of "Misplaced Trust"

SCREEN GRABS of "Misplaced Trust"

When a feuding couple bring their dog's ashes to his final resting place, it will take everything they have not to put each other in the lake.

(Dark Romantic Comedy)

Behind the scenes production stills from "Everyone Goes In The Lake"

Starring Rudy Pavich & Bethany McCade with Rick Muehlbach.

Screne grabs from "Everyone Goes In The Lake"

Starring Rudy Pavich & Bethany McCade with Rick Muehlbach.

Twin Cities Film Fest - "Oh My Stars" received the Audience Choice Award

Oh My Stars! A Lorna Landvik book — full of swear words — on its way to the screen. Click here for the Pioneer Press Article

Behind the Scenes "Oh My Stars" - Photos by Ruben Najera

We filmed "Oh My Stars" on June 3 & 4, 6 & 7 in several Twin Cities locations.

We also shot in New Prague, Minnesota and in Arkansaw, Wisconsin.

L-R: Lorna Landvik (screenwriter) Cynthia Uhrich (Director & Producer) and Dawson Ehlke (actor) who portrays "Kjel" in the short film.

Lorna Landvik, Cynthia Uhrich, Pauline Olsen

Dawson Ehlke

CODE GREEN is FINISHED! Thank You to All our friends, family, neighbors and strangers who contributed funds to bring this important story to the screen. We are grateful for our wonderful Crew & Cast. Your fine work really shines in this short film.

DRAMA  17:58

Completed December 1, 2017



Docs Without Borders

Film Festival

in the "Docu-Drama" category!


"M 4 W" (Man for Woman) Was shot in 3 days. BELOW: behind-the-scenes photos from the film - SARAH MORREIM PHOTOGRAPHY

Film still featuring Paul Cram and Sheena Leigh from the film "M 4 W"

"M 4 W"  Starring: Paul Cram and Sheena Leigh

Film still featuring Sheena Leigh from Cynthia Uhrich's film: "M 4 W"
Director Cynthia Uhrich on the set of "M 4 W"

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