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Cynthia Uhrich at the premier of her film "Robert in the Bedroom"



Anissa Gooch



I make a point of working with Cynthia whenever I have a monologue audition coming up. Last time, I felt confident and I nailed the audition thanks to Cynthia going out of her way to schedule time with me at the last minute.



Amanda Day



You will find priceless insight into your craft with Cynthia Uhrich, give yourself a Christmas gift and go see her!



Dani Palmer



Working with Cynthia is one of the wisest moves a TC actor can make. She’s got such a unique and creative energy that helps bring out your very best and freshest work.



Keilani Lee



What a great experience this has been! I learned so much and enjoyed every minute of it! I’ve become a much better actress in the process. Thank you so much.



Lara Rubinyi



Couldn’t agree more with these comments. Learning with and from this group has been so enjoyable. Thanks, Cynthia!



Jason P. Schumacher

Film Director


I Learned a lot in Cynthia’s class, about acting, directing and about myself. If you get a chance to take her class, I would recommend it!



Rachel Weber

Actress & Singer: Theater/Film

Working with Cynthia as an acting teacher is a lovely, messy, eye-opening, growing, and safe experience! She teaches from the heart, addressing both the skill set of an actor as well as the inner workings of an actor's day-to-day frustrations and joys. In short, I would highly recommend instruction from Cynthia, whether you're a novice or a working actor. She knows right where you're at, what you're capable of, and how far to push you.


Carisa Brown


I have only taken one round of your classes and the tools and discoveries you have unveiled to me are invaluable and have been part of the greatest training I’ve had. I can tell it’s more than a business for you; each and every student you take on you care so deeply about their progress, it’s inspiring and comforting. You are one of a kind!


Jane Froiland


I am so glad we were both cast in this ("Barefoot in the Park") as you have been such a positive presence in my life. In the time we have worked together, you have taught me so much about acting and perhaps most importantly about courage and strength of character. It’s good to know that you’re a teacher because you have a lot of wisdom and truth to share with others.


Violet Smale

(From Teen Actor's Father)

Thanks so much for the workshop! Violet hasn't stopped talking about how much she got out of it. Her mother and I are quite impressed, and will give advance anytime we head towards the Cities and arrange something similar if possible. Thanks again!


Brandon Holscher


Thank you for everything you did to help me on my path to doing something I really enjoy. I think your critique is so valuable to me, as I am not a natural. You have helped me to grow.


Ben Anderson


Thank you so much for giving me the tools to show and express what goes on inside me, and the courage and confidence to share it with the world. You have definitely had an impact on my life, and I thank you for that.


Shawn Maguire


I’ve really enjoyed my classes I’ve taken with you in the past year and a half. It has been a fun journey full of learning and new discoveries. You truly are a gifted teacher and you bring out the best in your students. You’ve helped me raise the bar and I have higher expectations for myself. You’ve never been afraid to share your honest opinion with me and that is something I really value.


Keisha Perrenoud


I’ve found what I felt has been missing for a long time. PASSION.  My passion for performing. Thanks for all your support and friendship. Thanks for pushing me.


Tyler Nelson


I appreciate what you have done for me in such a short amount of time. Hope to work with you in the future.


Peggy Root


Thank you for the insights you have given me into my wishes for myself and my abilities to try new things. I value your wisdom and good humor—thanks!


Monica Root

Actor (15)

Thank you so much for helping me. I really got a lot out of it and learned a lot. I am excited to use the info in my audition.


Elle Park


I think you are amazing at what you do. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. I’ve been in Korea for 2 months, and now I’m off to L.A. (Postcard from Korea!)


James Vincent

Actor, Model

It was very humbling to receive all the feedback last night and be around such a dedicated crew. I know we all give one another awesome notes, but it hit me last night. Felt really good things inside : )


Matthew Karston

Actor, Singer, Dancer & Choreographer: Theater

Cynthia--You were on my mind. I looked over my book of notes and scenes from your class. It reminded me of how much I got out of your class. You are an amazing teacher and I apply some of your techniques to this day. I'm working on moving back to the Twin Cities--I would love to be a part of your class's something that speaks to me. I wanted you to know. I am thankful and I appreciate you for what you have done and will do with your work and dedication with your students.


Diana Wilde

Actress & Singer: Theater

Seriously; I'm taking monologue coaching from her right now and she's fab. As soon as I can do it, I'm going back to her for her ITM classes.


Asha Menina

Actress: Theater & Film

I had the best audition I can remember having on Saturday at the Unifieds and its all thanks to you!


Klark Eversman

Actor: Theater & Film

Passion, compassion and respect are three constants in her classroom. As her student, I felt safe to explore and take chances that are not always encouraged elsewhere. Cynthia truly knows her stuff as an actor and takes great joy in sharing what she knows as a teacher. She approaches all of her students with a genuine optimism, but never loses objectivity. She will definitely be the first one I call for coaching or lessons in the future.


Rehana Power

Actress: Theater & Film

The amount of time and effort you put into us over the last few months (during both classes) has helped me grow so much and really accept myself so I'm able to push past what I'm comfortable with and everything I thought I could do. Jamie (Dix) was right, you are an AMAZING teacher.


Victoria Pyan

Actress: Theater

(RE: "I Got the Part, Now What?! CLASS & SHOWCASE) Thanks so much for all your help. I was very comfortable with my (audition) pieces because of you and I felt very confident. I think overall, they went really well. And the thing that probably helped the second most was the comforting mantra you gave me of "you're not saving babies..." It relaxed me a great deal and helped me focus. So thank you for all your help. No one works for you like Cynthia does, she really thinks about her student individually and it shows - wherever you are on the spectrum, she helps you get along to the next place. Its a great supportive environment and a great way to meet people and have fun just working on the stuff.


Michael Venske

Actor: Theater

The audition went well. I accomplished both of my goals: 1) show up & audition; 2) get some laughs. I also received four callbacks at the Unifieds and then three callbacks the week after. I enjoyed working with you too! You gave me a ton of great notes that really helped me add texture and bring truth to the auditors. Thank you for helping me!


Anna Huber

Actress: Theater

Cynthia is such a fabulous teacher! I love working with her because she ALWAYS has something to say that will help me. The environment that she creates is safe and comfortable. I learn so much at every class. I'm so thankful to have her as my teacher.


Esmond Kim

Actor in Training!

As an attorney who may never act, I can say that Cynthia's classes at In The Moment are not just acting classes; her classes are focused on honest self-assessment and real human connection. For me, the classes became a philosophical dialogue exploring how human beings connect and communicate-or fail to-in a variety of circumstances. I found basic assumptions that I held about myself challenged in an unexpected and constructive way. Ultimately, the classes are about being a more conscious, aware, and enlightened person, and then in turn a better actor. Thus, I can say the classes are worthwhile to anyone in the world who is interested in a challenge, a hobby, an outlet, knowledge of self, or an acting career. You will learn more than you expect about things you won't anticipate from an observant and compelling teacher.


Landyn Banx

Actor: Film

I highly recommend taking any acting class offered by Cynthia Uhrich, no matter how far along you are in your acting career. I learned a lot from the one class I took with her, and feel more confident because of the many things she taught me. She delves deep into the heart of acting and makes actors think about things they may never have thought about before. Take her class and find out for yourself. Your acting career will thank you!!


Gini Adams (Rackner)

Actress: Theater, Film, Commercials, Print

I've been working with Cynthia for nearly two years and I'm so thankful that I found her. My level of confidence in this work as well as my level of competence have increased immeasurably. When she works with us, she utilizes very specific exercises and choice options to propel us to 'get to' the place we need to go. She has great skill in directing us to reach our greatest truth and emotional connection in our scenes and monologues. In the Moment Studio is a great place to study this amazing craft. FYI: I've been cast in 3 shows and 2 films while working with Cynthia. I am grateful!



Celia Forrest

Actress: Theater

I searched all over the Twin Cities and finally decided on classes with Cynthia Uhrich. I'm having a great time, have met other wonderful actors who are very supportive, and my acting is getting to be much more subtle. She's been great about challenging me, but also knows when I'm not ready to make a big jump and works with me accordingly. It's been fun to watch people come into class with little or no experience and then slowly go through the process of getting headshots, an agent and booking jobs. I had been on a break and was rusty after not acting for a few years, and now I'm working consistently. I love it!

Amy Matilla

Actress: Film, Theater

Cynthia's intuitive approach toward the craft reveals any blocks you have that are preventing full expression as an actor. She provides scripts and work that allow for you to breakdown these walls. It's helped me look at myself and to be comfortable with myself. This is necessary when acting is allowing people to see who you are. Cynthia's intuition is uncanny! She will always select a script that deals with exactly what you need that day! She is an inspired acting teacher and coach.


Chenea Love Green

Actress: Film, Theater, TV Commercials

I've been working with Cynthia Uhrich for almost 3 years now and have seen a great improvement in my work and the roles that I've been offered. I've also had the chance to watch a student of hers go from never having worked in the biz to being one of the busiest actors I know with an extensive resume. I recommend her to every actor that comes across my path. There is also not a better price for classes in town.


Kjersti Brekke

Actress: Film, Theater

I am so very happy to say that I have taken classes lead by Ms. Cynthia Uhrich. Her supportive approach encourages taking risks, building confidence, and just having tons of fun as an actor. IF you are ready to step outside your comfort zone and stretch yourself into a more independent, interesting actor, Ms. Cynthia can kick your butt into gear. It ain't all sensitive, get-in-touch work, and certainly isn't "lions and tigers and bears" same-old, same-old. But the class fills up very quickly and most of her students don't want to leave, so get in line. Cynthia is not only a wonderfully intuitive teacher, but an awesome person to listen to and learn from.


Eric Mahutga

Casting Director (A & E Casting)& Actor: Theater, Opera Singer

Cynthia teaches with compassion, truth, and from experience. She made it comfortable for me to let my wall down and live in the present moment. If you're just starting out or a seasoned performer you will benefit from this class. You'll have a blast too!!


Elaine Thompson

Actress: Film, Theater, Stand-up Comedy

I've taken acting classes from several of the teachers in the Twin Cities. I have enjoyed experiencing different styles of teaching. If I had to choose one instructor to recommend, however, I would definitely recommend Cynthia Uhrich. I have watched her turn novices into professionals. She is a great resource for both beginner and advanced actors. She has personally helped me find acting talents I never knew I had.


Kristen Shea

Theater(New York), TV Series (New York)

I'll just tell you what does happen in Cynthia's class. She spends a lot of time on listening, and focuses heavily on improving cold reading skills in an audition setting. Her class does not spend a lot of time on "Theatre Games," which I really like because I don't learn well from them. Anyway, her class is probably one of the more pure classes your gonna get in the twin cities.


Jim Westcott

Actor: Theater, Film, Television

Cynthia has a special style which brings out the best in your, builds your confidence, and prepares you for all aspects of process from audition through performance. Her focus is on you becoming a professional in this business. I know my auditions and performances are stronger because of Cynthia's training.



Aaron Aoki

Actor: Film, Theater, Improv (Los Angeles)

I have taken Cynthia Uhrich's classes, twice a week, for the last three years. I have experienced incredible growth as an actor and as a person. From my humble beginnings, through my first professional gigs, and on to where I am today, Cynthia has always helped to guide me in my career. Leaving for California in a week, I can honestly say that I feel confident in the preparation that her classes have taught me. You definitely get out what you put into the class. If you are willing to work hard and trust her method, you will learn valuable lessons


Neil Orman

Director: Film

Cynthia Uhrich acted in a short film I directed, and did an exemplary job injecting personality and humor into her role. I'm also a fan of her acting in general, as I've attended local plays in which she's acted, including an excellent production of "In the Garden" at the Loring Playhouse. I enthusiastically recommend her as an actress. Although I haven't taken her classes personally (as I'm not an actor) I think she has the right combination of acting talent, professionalism and nurturing temperament to make her a wonderful teacher.


Carol Vnuk

Actress: Film, Theater, Stand-up Comedy

Cynthia is able to point out areas where we are weak. This helped me so much. I was able to work on that part of my acting and became a better actor because of it. I would recommend her class anytime to anyone.


Brian Watson-Jones

Actor: Theater

I've found Cynthia's instruction to be vital to my artistic growth. She helps you discover acting habits that are holding you back, has an uncanny knack for picking monologues and scenes that illuminate the path forward, and then won't let you try to take the easy way.


Alexander Jon

Actor: Theater, Film, Vocalist

When I think about Cynthia Uhrich as a teacher, the first things that come to mind are dedication, compassion and heart.


Michael Cook

Actor: Theater & Film

I've been working with Cynthia for the past several weeks. After all my years of kicking around, I'm learning new things. I'm expanding my horizons. I like her. She's good. Trust me. Take her class...I learned a lot of helpful things, and I expanded my horizons, which had grown smaller in recent years. After this class, Jamie (Dix) moved to Hollywood, where she's already been cast in some stage musicals and films. She has scored several auditions and callbacks out there...and I can't help but think the instruction she received from Cynthia helped play a major role in Jamie's success.


Keisha Perrnoud

Actor: Film

Cynthia's class is a holisitic experience for the actor. She helps you tap into "you" the whole person (mind, body etc) and then helps you put that person into the work for great, authentic performances. I can't wait for class, seeing my classmates to go on that journey of discovery together and being in the moment. This is a working class, so observers beware!


Alyssa Szarkowski

Actor: Film, Voice-Over, Theatre

"I have gained so much from Cynthia Uhrich and her acting classes. Throughout her training, I have learned how to become a truly believable and moving actress. Because of the skills learned from Cynthia , I can now approach auditions with confidence and creativity. She helped open my eyes to the true focus that acting requires and she helped me create an acting foundation for which I can continue to grow, expand, and develop. Cynthia has not only helped me find my start in the acting world, but with her kind, honest, and caring personality, she has also helped open my eyes to the person I am and the person that I can become.


Christopher Park

Filmmaker, Actor

Cynthia's class for beginners was the first acting class I've ever taken. It was a big commitment.. a 3 hour drive every Saturday morning and money was tight. But I've never learned so much in such a concentrated period of time before. The class passed all expectations. I really wish it wasn't over! From basic tips and tricks to teaching what the core of acting is all about, much of what Cynthia taught I would not have discovered on my own. It was an eye-opening experience. I leave the class now with a feeling of encouragement to keep acting and a good friend whose experience in the business I can definitely draw from.


Jennifer Kudelka

Actor & Singer: Theater

The Showcase Class offered me the opportunity to explore a new way of thinking about characterization in a safe and fun environment. I learned some new skills and will not think about acting the in the same way from now on. I had a great time stretching myself and will continue to grow from this experience. It is definitely time, energy, and money well spent.


Alexandra Gould

Actor: Theater

I found the ITM Showcase Class both challenging and stimulating.


Nicole Christine

Actor: Theater & Film, Dancer, Model

I Love working with Cynthia. She has such amazing visions, all completely fantastic, for everything we work on and play out! Good challenges and fun exercises that really strengthened me as an actress. I'm definitely planning to work with ITM again to keep freshening up my skills!


Bridgette McGehee

Actress: Film, Theater

Cynthia Uhrich helped me get ready for the Unified Auditions this year and I have never been so well prepared for any audition before. Her level of experience and insight is outstanding and greatly appreciated.

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